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Athletic Therapy • Personal Training • Restorative Yoga

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Kat Friesen - Winnipeg Athletic Therapist

before you heal others, heal yourself.

Kat is an athletic therapist and restorative yoga teacher who’s helped hundreds of people on the path to healing, from elite athletes at the Sport for Life Centre to anyone and everyone that experiences pain as part of their everyday life.


helping you heal

Athletic Therapy in Winnipeg | Dragon Heart Healing

Athletic therapy
Initial $90 (Including gst)
subsequent $80 (including gst)

Treatment sessions:
  • are designed to assess and treat myofascial injuries in the body as well as restore alignment.

  • use hands-on techniques, modalities and home programs to help maintain any corrections made.

  • find the root cause of your issues instead of only treating the symptoms.

  • are an all-encompassing approach to your healing.

Restorative Yoga in Winnipeg | Dragon Heart Healing

Restorative yoga
thursdays at 8:15pm-9:15pm
sundays at 10am-11am

5-Class Pass $15/class
Drop-in $20/class

Restorative yoga is meant to help you connect your physical body and your breath. Postures are held between 5-10 minutes each to allow your body to get the greatest physical and physiological benefits. This style of yoga helps to create a parasympathetic shift in your body to promote balance in your body. The use of props is encouraged (all provided) to create a comfortable and strain-free posture hold.

Classes will be Tuesdays at 8:15-9:15pm and Sundays at 10:00-11:00am. (No classes October 14 and 16).

Personal Training in Winnipeg | Dragon Heart Healing

personal training
one-on-one $70
partner $100

Do you need some guidance or motivation in the gym?

In a Personal Training Session, we will:

  • review exercise techniques

  • go over a personal program

  • put you through a solid workout!

Slow Flow Yoga in Winnipeg | Dragon Heart Healing

slow flow class
currently by request only

5-class pass $75 (3-month expiry)
Drop in $20

Slow Flow classes are designed to help you transition from your work day. Gentle movements done with your breath to decrease stiffness and achiness, while rejuvenating your joints and muscles. This class is beginner friendly, but students are encouraged to make this practice their own if they so choose.

Private Yoga in Winnipeg | Dragon Heart Healing

crystal healing

Crystal healings offer another healing modality for the body. These sessions can be focused on nine different issues. It is up to you whether you would prefer to focus the energy into one specific goal or multiple goals for an all-over healing effect.

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private yoga sessions
$80 one-on-one
$100 small group (up to 3)

Are class settings not your thing? Do you prefer to get some one on one attention?

Then this is the option for you! Whether you just want a more personalized program for the hour, are feeling stuck with your practice and in need of extra cueing, or would love to just choose your own time. This session will either be in a restorative or slow flow style - please let me know what you would like to do for your session!